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Advanced drivers

Technical, detailed & sublime

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Immersive Audio


Advanced DLC Driver Technology


For me, their is nothing that
articulates life’s emotions as masterfully as music.

Multi-Platinum, award-winning, music producer

Evolution Not Revolution

Through constant development of our driver technology IMR is able to deliver the most enjoyable and technically superior sound in our market segment.

The Encore

The next chapter of IEM’s is upon us, and as part of our members club you can join us in our next chapter.

Our Inspiration

We’ve used our years of learning and developing our products as inspiration behind our new generation of IEM’s.

Customer Feedback

The Headonist

"All in all, the Aten is not one or two steps but several giant leaps steps ahead of Bob’s previous IMR incantations."


"To any Audiophiles out there looking for a breathtaking audio experience that doesn’t require a thermonuclear reaction to power it. I highly recommend this as "the one"."

Sound Perfection Reviews

"What is very impressive about the R1 is the detail retrieval with all the filters, these have the ability to pick out detail the other IEM's around this price range struggle to."