Welcome to the IMR R1

My goal has been to create an in ear monitor thats sounds like an electrostatic headphone, air, detail and soundstage.

The R1 is the fulfilment of that quest.

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Experience sound like no other...

The First Switchable Open and Close Port

Fully Customise Your Experience

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"It’s so good you may quit the hobby forever and call it a day."

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What is very impressive about the R1 is the detail retrieval with all the filters, these have the ability to pick out detail the other IEM's around this price range struggle to. Read more HERE

Sound Perfection Reviews

" To any Audiophiles out there looking for a breathtaking audio experience that doesn’t require a thermonuclear reaction to power it. I highly recommend this as "the one"."

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Hi Fi World awards the IMR R1 5 Globes. Hi Fi World say the R1 is OUTSTANDING - Amongst the best!

Hi Fi World

"the soundstage is huge, one of if not the best I have heard in an in-ear headphone"