Superior in-ear monitors

Boutique specialist audio


The next generation of in-ear monitors.

Tuned to perfection using IMR's bespoke ceramic & beryllium hybrid driver units. With its specialist ultra hi-res piezo ceramic driver combined with a beryllium composite dynamic driver and high-performance neodymium motors for a huge soundstage and precise instrument placement.

Breathtaking sound

Constant evolution and development of driver technology allows IMR to continue to bring award winning sound to those that want to listen and enjoy music rather than analyse it.

  • Hi-Res Audio

    Utilising super hi-res bespoke IMR driver technology to deliver the most rich and detailed sound while retaining the soul of the music.

  • Your Sound

    Fully customisable sound experience via acoustic nozzles to give a multitude of settings for your perfect sound signature.

  • Your soundstage, defined and refined.

    Experience the full range sound with a IMR in-ear monitor. Finely engineered chassis coupled with superior driver technology.

  • Huge sound

    Designed to offer the biggest soundstage possible to put you right at the heart of the music. 

Sublime Hi-Res Audio

Sound evolved

The IMR range is the evolution of the Award winning R1 and offers one of the most immersive sounds in its market segment.

Quality in its DNA

Beautifully machined chassis, ultra hi-res bespoke drivers and a rich accessory package.

Evolutionary engineering

CNC precision machined housings and a 3-year warranty.


" To any Audiophiles out there looking for a breathtaking audio experience that doesn’t require a thermonuclear reaction to power it. I highly recommend this as "the one"."

What is very impressive about the R1 is the detail retrieval with all the filters, these have the ability to pick out detail the other IEM's around this price range struggle to. Read more 

Hi Fi World awards the IMR R1 5 Globes. Hi Fi World say the R1 is OUTSTANDING - Amongst the best!

"All in all, the Aten is not one or two steps but several giant leaps steps ahead of Bob’s previous IMR incantations, and while I understand the sentimental appeal of those IEMs to users who took a chance on Bob, his new company, and his earlier experimental designs, the Aten makes them all redundant. "

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