Time for a change

Since 2017 I have worked towards making some of the most engaging, unique and entertaining in ear monitors in the business.

As business has grown the pressure to out perform my self has left me feeling a little burnt out. All my own fault of course.

As my latest special builds near final completion (Zenith II, EDP Ace and Event Horizon) I have decided that now is the time to implement change I have been contemplating for some time.

I absolutely love building special small run units, although I have not enjoyed the supply chain issues that have been seen since 2021 (2023 should be better). I have decide that I want to continue building those very special units but I will be severely limiting supply from this point onwards. 

Why do this you may ask? Well it allows me to firstly concentrate even further on the quality of the product I am delivering with a little less pressure. It also allows me to work on some exceptionally special gear that just doesn't work for larger production runs. Further more it will bring some of that enjoyment back I feel has been missing.

This in turn will also benefit you the end user as your residual will remain higher as/when/if you decide to sell up. We are already seeing some of the most sought after IMR products selling for almost double of the retail due to rarity and demand higher than supply.

This years final builds will be limited to only 50 units per model but I am beyond excited of what is to come. Game changing in every single way!

I will also be opening the door to a couple of forum members that are IMR owners to able to come and listen. Get in touch if you'd like that to be you.