Why Beryllium and Ceramic drivers?

For a long time I have tuned with either dynamic drivers or a combination of dynamics and balanced armatures, so why have I stopped?

Well after a long time of using titanium micro drivers and balanced armatures I have found what I consider the limits of this setup. 

While you can make a great sounding IEM this way there is always a compromise between bass and detail and getting the balance is tricky.

I have been working for a long while with a specialist manufacturer to come up with a new wide band driver that would offer perfect bass and midrange and highs that are detailed/revealing without any aggressive sharpness. I have achieved this through the combination of beryllium composite and ceramic.

Beryllium drivers have been around for a long time now (since the 1970's) and have featured in some of the best and legendary speaker systems, however this diaphragm tech has not been in favour/popularity within the IEM world. The reality is that beryllium offers some of the best properties for small driver diaphragm set-ups and will outperform even diamond coated diaphragms.

Ceramic drivers have been around for a very long time now and have been used in a multitude of electronics over the years and have over the past few years started to become a feature of many high end home speaker systems but in order to miniaturise them for IEM use a whole new approach had to be taken and rather than use a cone we use a ceramic plate for the upper mids and high frequencies. The ceramic plate is immensely consistent in sound reproduction and unlike balanced armatures it does not require lots of taming of the high end and a multitude of drivers to actually make the IEM sound good. 

This is a problem in this industry is driver count, driver count is king in the balanced armature IEM world, the reality is that in many cases more balanced armatures are added in order to get a desired result and make up for their failings . Armatures are now at their limitations unless there is huge leaps in the technology and so i decided that it was time to perfect the technology we know and love and add a ceramic twist.

There is no such thing as the perfect IEM, but the IMR - R1 comes dam close!