• IMR EDP+



The original EDP was a immense success for IMR with almost every single customer universally praising it for its life like presentation while retaining that IMR musical and fun element.

The EDP+ builds on that amazing sound (sadly not as cheap but the original. That was made to give you a taste of what a planar can do)

Every part of the EDP+ has been refined over the original with a new generation  planar driver and now with the addition of the all new A.D.L.C (amorphous diamond like carbon) custom tuned driver.

Realism has been stepped up with the overall presentation and detailing moving the game on substantially.

The bass is cleaner, tighter and the quality has been markedly improved. The midrange is a step change from the previous generation and takes realism and staging to a new level. The treble has been tightened up a notch and is cleaner than before yet is still crisp and full of sparkle.

If you thought the last EDP was something special, you will get goosebumps with the EDP+ as its realism is breathtaking!

The EDP+ features the unique IMR option of switching between open or closed rear ports to suit your listening environment (Isolated/non isolated) and further enhancing the tuning capabilities when combined with the IMR acoustic tuning nozzles (included).
The drivers are encased in an light weight compact all anodised aluminium CNC chassis for long term durability and finish.
Hand assembled and driver matched for unrivalled finish and sound!
  • 6mm A.D.L.C (amorphous diamond like carbon) custom tuned driver + next generation Planar magnetic driver
  • 8 acoustic audio nozzles + 6 acoustic dampers
  • Interchangeable open port or closed port 
  • 2 Pin detachable cable (3.5mm/2.5mm balanced or Optional 4.4mm balanced)
  • Frequency response: 8- 50000Hz
  • Impedance: 32 Ohm
  • Sensitivity: 102 +/- 3DB
  • 24ct Gold plated 3.5mm Jack
  • 1.4M length OFC cable
  • 6.35mm Adapter
  • Carry case for all equipment
  • Huge selection of ear tips for the perfect fit




Run Time

100hrs run in time is required for optimum sound reproduction.

Hard Case

All IMR IEMs come with a hard bodied storage case.


Huge selection of ear tips for the perfect fit.