Dynamic Precision

Ultimate dynamic precision from our CNT ADLC dynamic drivers and supporting drivers.


Ultimate driver control allows us to present the audio with upmost precision and in turn offering the greatest level of presentation.


Using our unique driver combinations provide a level of immersion that genuinely puts you in the middle of the show.

CNC Machined

Beautifully CNC machined chassis and acoustic chamber. Coated in a super hard and durable anodised coating.

Durable & Lightweight

All chassis are built from precision CNC machined high grade aluminium for long term durability and low weight.

Hand Assembled

Hand assembled and driver matched by a dedicated team of master craftsmen.

Carbon Nanotube Amorphous Diamond like Carbon

Created using a Carbon Nanotube substrate coated with an amorphous diamond like carbon coating, providing a superior strength diaphragm capable of super high speed motion changes for an ultra hi-res experience..

For me, their is nothing that
articulates life’s emotions as masterfully as music.

Multi-Platinum, award-winning, music producer

The PRO also features our acoustic audio filters and dampers, allowing you to fully customise your experience. Tune from maximum bass to reference and hi to low treble and everything in-between.

Ultra wide band drivers

Elegant presentation case

Substantial accessories kit included