IMR PB TWO Pre Owned

  • IMR PB TWO Pre Owned

IMR PB TWO Pre Owned


1 Year Warranty


50 unit build only.

The PB Two combines the 12mm planar from the PB One with the exquisite detailing of the dual electrostatic driver and a 9mm composite dynamic driver to provide a IEM filled with clarity, detail and stage while retaining a balanced/neutral and fast paced low end.

Hand assembled and driver matched for unrivalled finish and sound!
  • Dual electrostatic driver with internal amplifier + 12mm Planar magnetic driver + 9mm composite dynamic driver with rare earth Neodymium motors 
  • 8 acoustic audio nozzles + 6 acoustic dampers
  • Switchable open port or closed port 
  • 2 Pin detachable cable (3.5mm/2.5mm balanced)
  • Frequency response: 7- 70000Hz
  • Impedance: 21 Ohm
  • Sensitivity: 101 +/- 3DB
  • 24ct Gold plated 3.5mm Jack
  • 1.4M length OFC cable
  • 6.35mm Adapter
  • Large storage case for all equipment
  • Huge selection of ear tips for the perfect fit

200+ Hours of run in time is required for optimal sound reproduction.

A good quality Amp/Dac/Dap is also highly recommended/needed to achieve the best sound reproduction as they need a well powered source. Without a good powered source they will sound very flat.


Run Time

100hrs run in time is required for optimum sound reproduction.

Hard Case

All IMR IEMs come with a hard bodied storage case.


Huge selection of ear tips for the perfect fit.