EDP Ace & Zenith II - (6th May 2022) Assembly started

Event Horizon - Planars in assembly

EDP Ace & Zenith II - (11th April 2022) All machined parts now complete - Awaiting cables and planar.

Event Horizon - (11th April 2022) Magnets for array on route to driver builder.

Event Horizon -(30th March 2022)  All parts for custom planar units now at my driver builder apart from neodymium magnets for array. ETA 2 weeks for those due to slow supply globally.

EPD Ace & Zenith II - All parts on order - Shells in build at machine shop. Currently on time for end of April.

Event Horizon - In build - Awaiting custom built planar units (as of 11th March 22)  - Awaiting mag lock ring (as of 11th March 22)

Avalon & Dark Matter - Completed- Shipped