IMR Dark Matter

  • IMR Dark Matter

IMR Dark Matter


The Dark Matter hybrid is the IEM for those that absolutely must have the greatest level of bass immersion possible while retaining an ultra clear midrange.

The Dark Matter offers a FLAGSHIP experience and is worthy of its title alongside the Avalon.

The CNT ADLC driver has had a small update to 11mm for this application offering a richer mid and sub bass experience. Bass precision, accuracy and decay is perfect. A new acoustic lens helps channel the sound even better to your ear.

The IMR 6mm CNT (conduction motor) is coupled with the 11mm driver as an additional driver to further enhance the bass response while adding a crispness to the treble and more immersive midrange.

The immersion provided has a greater level of transmission of midrange and upper registers and now the placement and details just takes it up yet another level.

Depth and immersion of the Dark matter offer a live event level of immersion putting you in front of the stage.

Both the Avalon and Dark matter will benefit from the IMR acoustic tuning system.

Beautifully presented in an all new presentation case.

The drivers are encased in a light weight compact all anodised aluminium CNC machined chassis for long term durability and finish. 

Hand assembled and driver matched for unrivalled finish and sound!


  • 11mm Wide band dynamic CNT ADLC Dynamic + 6mm CNT conduction motors
  • 8 acoustic audio nozzles + 6 acoustic dampers
  • 2 Pin detachable OFC braided cable (3.5mm/2.5mm balanced/4.4mm balanced)
  • Frequency response: 8- 45000Hz
  • Impedance: 35 Ohm
  • Sensitivity: 100 +/- 3DB
  • 24ct Gold plated 3.5mm Jack
  • 6.35mm Adapter
  • New portable case
  • Carry case for all equipment
  • Huge selection of ear tips for the perfect fit
  • 3 Year warranty

300-500hrs Run in time required for optimal sound

In stock - ready to ship 



Run Time

100hrs run in time is required for optimum sound reproduction.

Hard Case

All IMR IEMs come with a hard bodied storage case.


Huge selection of ear tips for the perfect fit.