The most unique driver combination in the market featuring the IMR 5th generation Aten composite ceramic driver, 3rd generation Planar magnetic and dual Electrostat drivers with inbuilt amplifier.
The unique driver combination featured in the Semper enables it to deliver the most immersive and engaging sounding IMR product to date. Covering every aspect of the audible sound spectrum (and beyond) the Semper recreates audio on a whole new level. Bass can be switched from bass cannon to audiophile bass head. Vocals are presented so naturally, cleanly and intimately you will think the artist is with you in the room. Treble is a masterpiece of precision, never harsh and never fatiguing (poorly recorded or mastered tracks excluded). 
Detail retrieval is second to none with micro and macro details presented as they should be. 
Staging is sublime with perfect placement.
The Semper features the unique IMR option of switching between open or closed rear ports to suit your listening environment (Isolated/non isolated) and further enhancing the tuning capabilities when combined with the IMR acoustic tuning nozzles (included).
The drivers are encased in an light weight compact all anodised aluminium CNC chassis for long term durability and finish.
Hand assembled and driver matched for unrivalled finish and sound!
  • 5th generation Aten driver featuring rare earth Neodymium motors with a composite diaphragm + 5th generation high resolution Piezo ceramic driver + dual electrostatic driver with internal amplifier + 3rd generation Planar magnetic driver.
  • 8 acoustic audio nozzles + 6 acoustic dampers (Pink + Pink recommended)
  • Switchable open port or closed port 
  • 2 Pin detachable cables (3.5mm/2.5mm balanced )
  • Frequency response: 7- 70000Hz
  • Impedance: 32 Ohm
  • Sensitivity: 104 +/- 3DB
  • 24ct Gold plated Jacks
  • 1.4M length OFC cable
  • 6.35mm Adapter
  • Carry case for all equipment
  • Huge selection of ear tips for the perfect fit

200+Hours minimum of burn in time required to reach full potential.

Please note poor recordings and badly mastered tracks will result in poor sound reproduction.

A good quality Amp/Dac/Dap is also highly recommended to achieve the best sound reproduction.

Run Time

100hrs run in time is required for optimum sound reproduction.

Hard Case

All IMR IEMs come with a hard bodied storage case.


Huge selection of ear tips for the perfect fit.